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Personalized care for your healing needs

Holistic magic mushroom therapist

Bénédicte Mannix


Holistic therapist

“Dream your life and live your dreams.”

I am a positive and enthusiastic person, forever in search of truth and happiness. I believe in the immense potential of human beings and that every person is beautiful. 

In more than 30 years travelling the world I have met many people from different cultures and have learned a lot from them. I realised long ago that what makes people happy, more than anything else, is to be free. Everybody has the power to achieve whatever goals they can imagine and my role as a therapist is to help people know themselves in order to achieve them.

Wonderful facilitator and Chef

Navlett Edwards

Master Chef&Facilitator

“As women we all have different situations to deal with but at the end of the day when we overcome the trials, we become Stronger” 

Through these retreats, I hope to share my wisdom and many life experiences with others. Resilience is the word that resonates most with me.

I am eager to allow you to discover the food and culture of my country. Cooking is my passion, so I will always ensure that every meal is enjoyable and delicious.
I am a great facilitator as I love taking care of others and making sure their space is safe and well kept. I’m funny, good-hearted and will be a very good friend to you.
Mike Bonnertz

Mike Bonertz


Highly motivated lifelong career Pharmacy Manager and Clinical Pharmacist with more than 18 years of retail experience and 14 years of experience working in dispensaries across all of Western Canada. Mike has unfortunately become jaded and tired of seeing the constant and never ending suffering endured by patients as a direct result of core deficiencies in our current Western Medical ‘Health’ ‘Care’ System and yearns for a future where patients are able to utilize these sacred natural medicines from our beautiful and healing planet to be cured. Working with these powerful tools has given him hope again for a bright future – for himself, for his patients, and for the planet.

Psychedelic Facilitator

Garel Wray


“You can’t regret the things you do, only the things you don’t try.”

I deeply believe my purpose in life is to help as many people as I possibly can. By using alternative methods not accustomed to the western civilization, I can start showing people how to heal all aspects of their lives from within. A number of things contribute to why we get sick in first place and if we were to start changing our diets, exercise more and listening to more music with positive vibrations. My goal is to be very present and in the moment for people because that is all some of us really need at times. All it takes is making a conscious effort to healing yourself and the path to letting go of suppressed trauma will commence.

Psychedelic Facilitator



“May we continue to learn and grow through our life experiences to find peace and allow the graceful flow of abundance to bloom in”

Through these retreats, and as your facilitator, I am selflessly available to assist along your journey and healing. I believe we are all connected, and in a different way you are also my facilitator, connected through this experience. I believe with the help of psilocybin we are able to gain true insight of ourselves with the absence of our ego and conditioning from our past experiences. Once we have the discipline to do our work, seek truth we allow the graceful flow of abundance to bloom in our lives.