Magic Mushroom Facilitator

Bénédicte Mannix is a Psilocybin Retreat Facilitator specialized in Childhood Trauma

Jamaican based holistic therapist who works with magic mushrooms

  • Holistic therapist focusing on the individual as a whole: Mind, Body and Soul

  • Client-centered therapist having studied Rogerian therapy. Her approach is humanistic and empathetic, emphasizing an unconditional positive regard of her clients.

  • Transgenerational therapist: People have long-standing patterns passed down through family generations. All human beings are a part of a system, Bénédicte has studied systemic therapy which focuses on recognizing unhealthy patterns, helping her clients alter them for their betterment.

  • Sophrologist believing that the body and mind are connected. Bénédicte is a qualified practitioner, helping people become more connected and conscious with themselves using breathwork, gentle movements, muscular relaxation, and visualization.

  • Sophrology Teacher: Teaching at the SophroAcademy Specialist Programmes designated for certified Sophrologists = Anxiety, Depression and Phobia 

  • Specialized in the domain of childhood trauma. I am currently writing a book about how Sophrology can help people deal with the consequences of childhood trauma.

  • Several years’ experience in Risk Reduction at various large festivals around the world. Also, being part of its creation in South Africa. Work which involves providing a supportive environment and specialized care designed to transform challenging psychedelic experiences into valuable learning opportunities, and even potentially offering healing and growth. In turn, the work reduces the number of drug-related hospitalizations and arrests. BOOM Festival / Afrika Burn / Earth Dance / Origins

  • Psilocybin facilitator – 30 years of experience with psychedelics and the witnessing of others’ experiences have proven to Bénédicte their benefits. Grateful for having facilitated groups and individuals using psilocybin, witnessing magical results.

  • Psychedelic integration therapist. Integration is one of the most important parts of the psychedelic journey. It gives a space to bring forth insights gained during the altered state of consciousness to our normal state.ou

Her Core Values

  • Gratitude and Humility

  • Freedom is the key to happiness.

  • Sincerity and Honesty: It all starts with yourself.

  • Self-awareness: This is the capacity to always get a chance to better ourselves.

  • Respect and Empathy: It is important to try to understand each other and accept our differences. Empathy is vital in her work as it allows her to connect with her clients.

  • Peace and Love: This is what she aspires for herself and everyone. Her drive to do the work lies in this core value.